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Join us for a truly unique experience in our 3D Sunflower Class. In this hands-on session, you'll dive headfirst into the world of metalworking, learning the art of using a plasma cutter to craft your very own Sunflower.

Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, you'll learn how to wield a plasma cutter with precision and finesse. Watch as sparks fly and metal bends to your creative vision. This hands-on exercise will allow you to refine your skills and experiment with different techniques. 

For your safety and comfort during the Plasma Cutter Pumpkin Carving Class, we recommend wearing the following:

  1. Close-Toed Shoes: To protect your feet from any potential sparks or metal debris, please wear closed-toe shoes. Sturdy, durable footwear is ideal.

  2. Long Sleeve Shirt: Wearing a long-sleeve shirt will provide an extra layer of protection for your arms. This will help shield your skin from any heat or sparks generated during the metalworking process.

  3. Jeans or Durable Material Pants: Opt for jeans or pants made from a durable material. This choice offers better protection for your legs and is ideal for hands-on activities like metalworking.

Additionally, it's advisable to tie back long hair and avoid leggings or wearing loose-fitting clothing or accessories that could potentially get caught in the equipment.

We're excited to have you join us for this unique class, and your safety is our top priority. By following these clothing recommendations, you'll be well-prepared to enjoy a hands-on, creative experience in a safe environment.

Note: Due to the specialized equipment and intimate nature of this class, SPACES ARE LIMITED. Be sure to secure your spot early to ensure you don't miss out on this extraordinary experience.

For private or group classes, simply reach out to us via phone or email, and we'll be more than happy to accommodate your request.


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About the Artists

All products are proudly handmade by Montana artist Karrie McRae and Danny McCaffree in Billings, MT, USA.

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